Bentar III

Bentar 3

Benny designed this 20 String Harp/Bongo Guitar in October 2006. The building of the guitar was completed on May 14, 2007. It was built by Tulsi Guitars – (Chennai, India). It has 6 strings, 2 Bongos and a 14 String Harp.

Bentar II

Bentar II

Benny designed this 54 String Guitar in July 2005. 95% was complete by Sep. 2006. However it was something of a flop as it takes 2 days to tune the guitar, attributed to the poor workmanship of the luthier. The Bentar I is a combination of 6 instruments – (6 String Ac., 6 StringClassical, 22 String Harp, 20 String Sympathetic Sitar Strings, 1 Bongo and a Tabla.

Bentar I

Bentar IThe thought of adding bongos into the guitar first came when he was performing at the Hollywood Global Arts Gathering and later on got developed when he was thinking of how he could be creative to perform at the Olympic Games (2004). He prayed to the Almighty God and Benny says that it was God who inspired him about the Bongo Guitar and later on in May, 2004 Benny shared the design to the Thulsi Guitars from Chennai, India who undertook of the making of the guitar. The guitar was completed by the July 2004. This guitar has been renamed the Bentar.



This was Benny’s first Brand New Guitar which Tommy Coomes (Famous Music Producer/ Song Writer/ Teacher) presented to him along with Taylor Guitar’s. It has been Benny’s favorite Guitar till today. He got this guitar as a gift in December 1999 while he was studying at the School of Music In Missions in New Mexico, USA.

Reynolds 12 Strings

Benny’s first guitar was a 12 String Reynolds made in Calcutta, India. It was a second hand 20 year old guitar which his grand mother Late Mrs. Leela Rajarathnam had purchased for Rs. 1000 (22 USD) given it to him as a gift (1995). Benny treasures the guitar and the early experiences a lot. Every time he plays this guitar he is humbled knowing where he started off and where God had brought him to.